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Carrie Anne & Company Photo Blitz

I am not a man of many words, plus pictures are worth 1,000, so here you go…remember the images are full size when you click on them so you may have to scroll to the bottom right to see the

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Taking a breath…

So, if any of you are still out there reading the blog, you will notice that I have updated the theme.  I was waiting for something to finish copying and I have a new tool that lets me generate basic

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I need a puppy…order fulfilled

I think I have mentioned this before, but Caleb’s first sentence was “I need a puppy.” Well, while we were in St. Louis for Mother’s Day we found the puppy we had been looking for.  His name is Buster and

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Blast from the Past

We received this picture of Caleb from last Christmas, he has grown quite a bit since viagra from canada then…

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